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Instant AML and KYC compliance solution for Botswana

Smile ID empowers businesses to achieve seamless AML and KYC compliance with its identity verification solution in Botswana. Instantly verify customer identities and onboard users to comply with KYC, AML, and data protection regulations in Botswana.
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Country Overview

With Smile Identity, you can quickly verify identities and stay compliant with digital KYC and data regulations in Botswana. We handle onboarding and compliance in 52 African countries so that you can focus on other important things.

Regulatory Overview

KYC/AML regulations

AML/KYC regulations in Botswana are enforced by a number of regulators including the

  • Bank of Botswana
  • Comissão de Mercado de Capitais (CMC),
  • Instituto de Supervisão de Seguros (ISS)

The primary KYC/AML regulation in Botswana is the Anti-Money Laundering Act which was enacted in 2019.

Choose Smile ID, your compliance partner for AML/KYC regulations in Botswana!

Data protection regulations

Botswana has in recent years taken steps to secure personal data with the Data Protection Act which was enacted in 2018. The Data Protection Authority (DPA) enforces these laws in the country.

Data controllers and processors must obtain customers’ consent before processing and transferring personal data.

Accurately authenticate and onboard users in Botswana

Scale your business in Botswana with Smile ID. We enable fast-growing businesses to stay compliant, prevent fraud, and streamline their user verification process easily. Verify Batswana users and prevent fraud with confidence:

Verify up to 5 ID Types including National IDs, Resident permits, Passports, etc.

De-biased models with a 99.8% accuracy for all African skin tones

Image capture SDKs optimised for low bandwidth and all software versions as low as Android 5.0.

Global AML Check against over 1100 global sanctions, PEPs, and adverse media watchlists.

Enterprise-level security standard with ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 certifications.

Accurately verify up to 5 ID types in Botswana

Give users the flexibility to verify their identity using any of the following ID documents. All we need is a document photo and a selfie.

Botswana National Identity Card

The Botswana National Identity Card is a critical identification document issued to citizens of Botswana. This category includes various forms of ID such as National IDs, Consular IDs, and Diplomat IDs, which are essential for verifying identity within the country and abroad.

Botswana Drivers License

The Botswana Drivers License is an important document for individuals authorized to drive within the country. It serves as proof of identity and legal driving status, ensuring that only qualified individuals operate vehicles on public roads.

Botswana Passport

The Botswana Passport is an internationally recognized travel document issued to citizens of Botswana. It allows for international travel and serves as proof of identity and nationality, ensuring safe and legal movement across borders.

Botswana Resident ID

Botswana Resident IDs, including residency permits and residency cards, are issued to foreign nationals residing in Botswana. These documents are crucial for legal residency and accessing services within the country, ensuring compliance with immigration laws.

Verify Users in Botswana using ID documents

Verifying users with ID documents and biometric face matching is one of the most reliable ways to determine a user's true identity. Our ID document verification solution checks that an ID document is authentic, accurately transcribes the text on the document and compares a user-submitted selfie to the document image.

Transcribes document text with 96% accuracy

Checks for accurate format

Identifies tampered and forged documents

Verifies security features

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Scan your document

Our image capture tools guide users to take clear photos even with older devices.

Icon of  Smile for a selfie feature step

Smile for a selfie

Ensure the real user is behind the camera with a smile to test for liveness.

Icon of Get real-time results feature step

Get real-time results

In a few seconds, you will confirm the document is authentic and belongs to the user behind the camera.

Comprehensive Identity verification (KYC/AML) solution in one place

Choose the right option to verify and onboard your customers

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    Document Verification: With Smile ID, you can verify over 8500 documents across 220 countries globally (including Botswana) with 96% OCR accuracy.

Integration options

Seamlessly integrate our solutions with your existing infrastructure and automate your compliance. Available integration options include:

Smile Links: Flexible, no-code option for creating customised user verification flows

SDKs: iOs, Android, Hosted Web, Flutter, REACT Native

Server-to-server libraries: Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, node.js

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