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Automated screening for AML compliance

AML Check screens new and existing users against over 1100 global and African sanctions, PEP and adverse media watchlists.
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Trusted users from the start

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Check global watchlists

Access African and global watchlists including OFAC, South African Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) list, Nigeria Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) list, and many more.
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Assess stakeholder risk

Along with the business information, you will also receive stakeholder names and ID numbers to verify company ownership.
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Seamlessly combine products

Combine AML Check with our other KYC and KYB solutions to complete all your AML requirements on a single platform.

Pair AML Checks with any KYC check to meet all your AML requirements with one platform

Reliable AML checks have many layers

Automated AML is fast, thorough and reliable.

Check global and local sanctions

Review sanctions list issued by government and organizations in 32 African countries and many more around the world.

Reveal political risk and associations

We maintain a global PEP list of approximately 1.5 million PEPs and their associates across three levels.

Build complete user profiles

Combine KYC and AML checks to build full user profiles with verified personal information and AML results.

Check negative news on users

This checks the individual against negative news from reputable news agencies. We have over 75,000 news sources, from every country in the world.

Get the most updated information

Watchlists are updated on a daily basis to ensure fraudsters don’t slip through the cracks.

Our Solutions

Products to help you with AML Check

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AML Check

Screen new and existing users against over 1100 sanctions, PEP and adverse media lists.

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