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Accurately verify customers anywhere

Unlock all of Africa with document verification. We cover over 8500 identity documents across 226 countries globally.
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Trusted users from the start

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Document verification built for Africa

From image capture optimization for lower end smartphones to local knowledge on African ID documents, our solution was built considering the needs of African users.
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Convert good users fast

Approve 80% of users using only a document photo and selfie in a few seconds.
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Store accurate user information

Store accurate customer information without the mistakes of manual entry. OCR technology transcribes text from ID document photos with 96% accuracy.

User experience built for Africa

Trustworthy document verification has many layers

Accurate and secure document verification comprises several checks to ensure that both the user and the ID document are authentic.

Easy image capture for end users

The image capture screen is crucial to guiding users to take a machine readable photo. Our SDKs prompt users to adjust lighting, focus and sizing.

Prove that live customers are capturing the photos

We test for liveness by asking the user to smile at the camera ensuring the user is capturing the photo in real-time.

Acquire personal information without any typing

OCR is used to read the personal information on the ID document to return a text result and ensure the document is not expired.

Ensure the document belongs to the user

Check the document belongs to the user who presented it by matching the photo on the document to a user provided selfie.

Only accept authentic ID documents

Authenticity check looks for the format and security features such as watermarks and barcodes to ensure a document is a real official ID document

Backup you can trust

All of our document verifications are backed by real-time human review guaranteed in under 3 minutes.

Our Solutions

Products to help you with ID Document Verification

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Document Verification

Verify the authenticity of an ID document and match a selfie to the ID card photo.

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Enhanced KYC

Retrieve personal information from official government records.

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Enhanced DocV

Enhanced DocV authenticates and cross-references documents with government databases in one step.

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