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Why Choose Smile ID vs MetaMap?

Smile ID's identity verification solution offers advanced technology for seamless, secure, and compliant customer onboarding. We provide global document verification and AML checks with a focus on Africa.

Our solution is tailored to the African market, achieving 99.8% accuracy across all African skin tones. It caters to entry-level devices and users in low-bandwidth environments. We cover 3+ ID types in all African countries and have an 80% approval rate on key African IDs.

Metamap covers only Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, without specific optimization for African markets and users. With Smile ID, businesses get a global identity verification provider with technology optimized for Africa's unique needs.

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How does Smile ID compare vs MetaMap?

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Superior capture technology

Our solution is designed with African users in mind, offering optimised image capture for lower-end smartphones and extensive knowledge of African ID documents. Unlike MetaMap, our facial recognition technology achieves a remarkable 99.8% accuracy rate on African faces of all skin tones.

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We deliver results fast

Our average user biometric authentication time is just 2 seconds, ensuring a seamless experience. We've also built in solutions for poor internet and database issues, guaranteeing timely approvals for your users.

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Build custom onboarding flows

Build a simpler verification onboarding flow that fits your unique business need with Smile Links. Leverage our customisable verification suites to optimise for regulatory requirements and higher customer onboarding rates.

Stay ahead of fraud, anywhere in Africa

Average biometric authentication time
Accuracy for African faces
Verifications completed
Unique identities covered

Optimised for Africa's unique challenges

Smile ID tackles common challenges in Africa, such as spotty internet and lower-end smartphones. Our solution enables multiple retries for network failures and reduces image size. We support lower camera quality and older mobile operating systems (as old as Andriod 5) that hinder most African users during ID and face capture.

In addition, our solutions are built to manage unstable internet during document verification and continue to operate even when there is no internet connection – captured images are submitted once the device is back online.

We have optimized our image capture process to balance speed with a resolution that is high enough to run AI computer models. This yields smaller image sizes for quick upload, guaranteeing a smooth and reliable experience, making Smile ID the preferred choice in Africa over Metamap.

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Deep expertise & on ground presence in Africa

We have an experienced team with on-ground offices in West, East, and Southern Africa, giving us an in-depth understanding of the continent. Our strong relationships with governments in various countries, enable us to stay current on the continent's complex regulatory framework. This helps us to offer guidance and compliance solutions tailored to your needs.

Our global technical support covers all African time zones, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience. We also offer 24/7 human review at no extra cost, which improves fraud detection by 15%.

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Biggest provider in Africa

We pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between preventing fraudulent transactions and reducing onboarding friction. Our track record includes over 100 million KYC checks, run by several continent-leading businesses including Zenith Bank, Stanbic IBTC, Flutterwave, and many more across Africa.

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Pay in your local currency

Enjoy the ease of paying in your local African currency! Unlike many competitors who only accept dollars, our flexible payment options let you transact in your preferred local currency. This ensures your spending aligns perfectly with your financial strategy, empowering your business with tailored payment options.

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Top African companies trust us over the competition

Smile ID's Biometric KYC product allows us to verify the true identity of our users quickly and with extreme confidence without having to choose between high growth and fraud mitigation. Our partnership with Smile ID has given us the compliance tools and flexibility we need to move fast and onboard users swiftly

Tayo OviosuFounder & CEO, Paga
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Data Security/ Certifications

Smile ID employs enterprise-grade best practices to safeguard customer data, achieving both ISO 27001 Certification and SOC 2 Type 2 report against rigorous standards.

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