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The ultimate KYC checklist

Smile ID’s 7-step guide to choosing a KYC provider for a Pan-African business
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Why choosing the right KYC provider matters

KYC operations have a big legal and operational impact on your business. A good partner facilitates scalable growth while ensuring regulatory compliance across jurisdictions. Conversely, choosing the wrong partner can lead to compliance issues, customer dissatisfaction, and legal consequences.

What you will find in this checklist:

A rubric for narrowing down your business's KYC requirements.

Evaluation criteria for potential partners

A step-by-step guide for implementing a KYC test.

What this checklist will help you achieve:

A clear understanding of your business's KYC requirements.

Identify the key features you should watch for when selecting a KYC partner.

A clear testing method for evaluating KYC providers.

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