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Product Updates24 Jul 2023

Introducing our new v10 Mobile SDKs

Vansh Gandhi

Director of Mobile Engineering

Introducing our new v10 Mobile SDKs


Last week, we announced the beta release of our new v10 SDKs for Android and iOS         

Built from the ground up, these SDKs bring enhanced reliability, simplified integration, and many new and powerful features. This is our biggest SDK release yet, so we are sharing a breakdown of what is new in this latest version. 

We have modernised our frameworks

As we work towards improving end-user experiences and compatibility with our partner's apps, we have leveraged some modern tools to make integration easier and more flexible.          

On Android, we've embraced Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and Coroutines, enabling faster feature development, a modern UI, and seamless handling of background tasks.          

Starting the SmartSelfie Enrollment process on Android is as simple as:

SmileID.SmartSelfieEnrollment { result ->

    Log.v("MainActivity", "The Authentication result is: $result")


On iOS, we’ve embraced SwiftUI and Combine, embracing modern design paradigms encouraged by Apple.



We've integrated modern UI components for a refreshed UI, making theming customisation easier to align with your branding. We provide the flexibility to override just the small handful of colours you may actually care about via XML – or you can provide a fully custom Material Color Scheme to give you the ability to seamlessly integrate with Material You colours.


On iOS, we provide a Theme protocol which can be overridden to match your organisation's branding.         

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 8.32.20 AM.png         

Enhanced Compatibility

We have implemented measures to ensure our SDKs are still accessible to older systems. Our SDK provides Fragment Wrappers for those still on Java or not yet using Jetpack Compose to ensure smooth integration.          

Similarly, on iOS, you can use our SDK in UIKit by leveraging on UIHostingController.         

New Features and Performance Optimization


Our interfaces now provide a much stronger domain model than before, improving code safety and your programming experience.         

While the SDK includes comprehensive drop-in UIs for standard workflows, it also includes the flexibility to make REST API calls directly to our backend using the built-in wrapper client.

val client = SmileID.api

Networking capabilities have been optimised for low-bandwidth environments by enabling multiple retries in case of network failures and reducing image size. We've also kept the SDK footprint minimal, with the latest version at the time of writing standing at 797 KB.         

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 7.48.27 AM.png

There is more to come! 

As we look to expand these new offerings, stay tuned for the upcoming cross-platform Flutter and React Native SDKs.


Test the waters today

Our new SDKs are open source, with documentation available in the code and online. We are happy to accept contributions and look forward to hearing your feedback.


Visit our docs or the repo for the latest information. The open-source repo contains a sample app demonstrating how best to leverage the new SDK. We encourage you to check it out at:         




pod 'SmileID'

Swift Package Manager         
Add as a dependency to your Package.swift

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