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Can’t decide between Smile ID and Onfido?

While Onfido has a leading document verification solution, they have prioritised European and North American needs in their product. This one-size-fits-all solution often leaves behind the average African end-user.

Whether it’s biased algorithms that can’t recognise all skin tones or unrealistic image quality requirements that need a strong internet connection to upload, the result is many African users drop off your app or get wrongfully rejected.

Recognising this gap, Smile ID offers locally-focused identity verification services that genuinely understand and cater to Africa-focused businesses and their users.

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We can verify ID documents in all 54 African countries

Unlike platforms like Onfido, Smile ID has true coverage of all of Africa. We cover three or more ID documents in most African markets. Our local teams stay updated on new documents being issued across the continent and ensure the latest documents are on file.

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We have access to 20+ government ID databases

Verify users confidently using reliable government data.
We have Africa's largest government ID information network, with connections to company registers and individual ID databases in five markets. All of it is reachable with a single API integration.

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Our solutions are built for African end-users

Addressing challenges such as spotty internet connectivity and the prevalence of budget smartphones in the region, our approach ensures inclusivity by supporting lower camera quality and older operating systems on various devices used by African consumers.

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Stay ahead of fraud, anywhere in Africa

Average verification time
Accuracy for African faces
Verifications completed
Unique identities covered

Smile ID's Biometric KYC product allows us to verify the true identity of our users quickly and with extreme confidence without having to choose between high growth and fraud mitigation. Our partnership with Smile ID has given us the compliance tools and flexibility we need to move fast and onboard users swiftly

Tayo OviosuFounder & CEO, Paga
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Top-tier Data Security

Smile ID employs enterprise-grade best practices to safeguard customer data, achieving both ISO 27001 Certification and SOC 2 Type 2 report against rigorous standards. Our comprehensive ISMS is built with the assistance of independent experts who validate our security, privacy, and compliance controls.

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