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Quickly and securely verify users across Africa

Facilitate secure payment by verified users with advanced identity verification for remittance platforms
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Accurately identify users across Africa

Lightning-fast verification

Minimize drop-off by verifying users in under 2s

Widest coverage in Africa

Verify users in 54 African countries with one integration

Accurately prevent fraud

Leverage biometrics to catch 50% more fraud

Trust the experts

75 million
Verifications completed
1 billion
Identities covered

KYC/AML solutions built for African payments providers

Help verified users send and receive money quickly, easily and securely.

Verify 100% of Africa with a single integration

With money traversing the globe through remittances, running KYC checks and verifying the identities of the users in many countries becomes critical for scaling. With access to 96% of Africa with a single integration, you can scale quickly across the continent.

Verify user information on both sides of the transaction by authenticating ID documents in supporting markets outside Africa, including over 50 countries across Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

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