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Trust reliable users to pay later with confidence

Advanced identity verification and fraud prevention solutions for BNPL providers
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Accurately identify users across Africa

Lightning-fast verification

Minimize drop-off by verifying users in under 2s

Widest coverage in Africa

Verify users in 54 African countries with one integration

Accurately prevent fraud

Leverage biometrics to catch 50% more fraud

Trust the experts

75 million
Verification complete
1 billion
Identities covered

KYC solutions built for African BNPL providers

Trust you are onboarding the right users with seamless and secure user verification.

Protect against account takeovers

Loyal and long-term users have better rates and credit limits. As a result, fraudsters attempt to take over these high-value accounts to access the benefits associated with them.

With a two-factor biometric authentication, you can register a photo of a user and then compare it to a newly captured selfie at critical stages of a transaction. This ensures the account remains in the same hands at all times. In addition, all submitted selfies are checked for liveness and monitored for spoof attempts. Remove the risk of high-value transactions by adding secure checkpoints to the user journey.

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